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True Honey Teas | Lavender Lemonade Gift Bee Box

True Honey Teas | Lavender Lemonade Gift Bee Box

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About this Tea:



True Honey Teas unique herbal Lavender Lemonade is our most popular flavor that brilliantly balances lavender from France, lemon myrtle from Australia, a little bit of hibiscus, with honey granules!  Lemon myrtle has immense health benefits and our blend is quite exquisite, delicious, calming. Enjoy each healthy cup - iced or hot - relaxing for mind, body and spirit.  Naturally caffeine free.

Along with adding honey granules, this sweet tea box offers an authentic, all natural, and bold tea experience with every cup. We eliminate any added oils or flavorings to our tea leaves. You will love our convenient, perfectly sweetened delicious teas. Happy Steeping!

It's a delicious gift! 

4 teabags per box

Herbal -  100% Naturally Caffeine Free

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