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Scratch Pasta Company

Scratch Pasta Company

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Our mission is to share our love for high-quality pasta made fresh from simple ingredients, and since 2017, we’ve been doing just that. Based in Lynchburg, VA, we hand-make our pasta in small batches using local ingredients, and we can’t wait for you to try them.

Spicy Garlic Mohawks

Pasta made with Garlic and Spices

This is one of our favorite and most unique pastas—and it’s got some kick. Made with cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, and granulated garlic, this pasta adds a new layer to dishes like mac & cheese or baked pasta. Generously spiced but not eye-watering, this pasta will turn up the heat on your dish.

Semolina RadiatoriMade with only Semolina Flour and water, this is one of our flagship pastas. Sometimes simpler is better, and this pasta is an easy decision when making just about anything. For Radiatori, our hot tip is to pair them with a smooth sauce like marinara or pesto.




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