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Reusable Bread Bag with Zipper

Reusable Bread Bag with Zipper

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Reusable bread bags are an eco-friendly and cost-effective storage solution that can reduce plastic waste and preserve bread's freshness.

Place the bread in the bag after it has cooled completely. And it is safe to keep bread frozen in hot weather. This Bread Bag protects from freezer burn, and frozen bread can be stored for about three months.

Say goodbye to once-used plastic bags, and say hello to our Reusable Bread Bags. This bag is NATURE-FRIENDLY made of plastic bottle recycled fabric. Store your fresh homemade bread without worrying about harming our planet.

Choice of Machine Washable

Lined Bread Bags 

Ivory with Zipper

Blue with Zipper 

Non-Lined Bag

Linen Baguette Bag with Drawstring Closure (design will vary)


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