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Quilted Bowl Cozy Holder

Quilted Bowl Cozy Holder

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The Most Useful Kitchen Gadget

Make Your Bowl Cozy
This practical and colorful solution is for when you burn your hands by removing a heated dish from the microwave. Or when you wish to enjoy a heated meal with the bowl placed in the palm of your hand. Just grab it, and your problem is solved.

Perfectly Designed Hugger
These bowl huggers are perfectly designed to wrap around your bowl, be it a soup, rice, or pasta bowl. In fact, you can use them with any type of standard bowl since these huggers are flexible and soft.

Microwave Safe
These bowl huggers are completely microwave-safe and were designed for that purpose. Just heat your dish with the hugger. Once finished, grab the hugger by the edges and carefully pull it out of the microwave. Enjoy your meal!

Quality Material
We use polyester & sponge technology, and so we deliver quality products that are heat-resistant, non-toxic, flexible, and pleasant to the touch. Completely safe, machine washable, reusable, and durable.


1. Handle hot dishes without damaging your hands.

2. Take the bowl out of the microwave conveniently without pot holders.

3. Fits most bowl sizes.

4. Machine Washable.

5. Serves as a trivet to protect your table from heat.

6. Save Your Fingers & Food


Material: Made of 100% cotton fabric, batting and thread.

Size: The size of each microwaveable bowl holder is 8.7"x 8.7" x 4" (LxWxH).
The bowl huggers handle hot bowls without burning your hands. Perfect for heating leftovers in a microwavable bowl and under icy cold bowl of ice cream. Saves your hands from hot and cold. They can be used as trivets and for serving, too. A must-have for the kitchen.
The bowl hot pods are easy to use. Put them under your bowl while preparing the food, then place them in the microwave and heat the food. You can hold a scalding hot bowl straight out of the microwave. If something spills out, the hugger catches it instead of your hands.
The bowl holders are made from high-quality outer cotton with padding in between the layers, moderately soft and hard, wear-resistant, durable, and microwave-safe. Easy to clean by hand or machine.
 Each bowl hugger measures 10” in width and 4" in height. It fits all standard bowls up to 6.5”.

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