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Maple Craft Syrup

Maple Craft Syrup

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Blueberry Maple Craft Syrup (Organic) - We combine just the right amount of organic fruit into premium organic Vermont maple syrup to create this anti-oxidant-rich super syrup! Now, you can enjoy this decedent healthy combination all year long, thanks to NEW Organic Blueberry Maple Syrup from Maple Craft! Want instant blueberry pancakes? How about a healthier ice cream topping? Want to liven up a bowl of oatmeal, make blueberry muffins etc., etc.? We’ve got you covered!

Ingredients - Organic Vermont Maple Syrup (Grade A, Dark), Organic Blueberry Juice Concentrate, Organic Blueberry Extract

Salted Caramel Maple Craft SyrupAll-natural salted caramel maple syrup — a party for your palate! Truly decedent as a breakfast or dessert topping, baking ingredient, or beverage sweetener. One smell will make you moan. One taste will leave you speechless! Made with premium, pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Salt, and Natural Caramel Flavor. Makes a unique and unforgettable gift for friends, family, or clients alike.

Ingredients - Organic Vermont Maple Syrup (Grade A, Dark), Salt, Natural Caramel Flavor

Elderberry Maple Syrup - For centuries, Europeans have used elderberries for holistic healing and immune boosting, similar to how Native Americans have enjoyed maple syrup. We've combined both organic tree nectars to create a delicious antioxidant & vitamin-packed vegan syrup that the whole family will enjoy. Many elderberry syrups can be hard to swallow (they just don't taste great). Maple Craft Elderberry Maple Syrup tastes great and can be enjoyed by all ages. Add to coffee, tea, milk, water, or smoothies; in baked goods; and over pancakes, waffles, etc.

Ingredients: Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Elderberry Juice

Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Craft SyrupMaple Craft Bourbon Barrel Aged Syrup is the result of patiently aging premium, flame-boiled, single-source maple syrup inside perfectly conditioned American white oak barrels within hours of our local distillery partner releasing the handcrafted bourbon that had matured inside for years (and just before we return them to the distillery so they can refill them to make their amazing Maple Bourbon)!  Our family-friendly Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup has a rich, soft, complex character with subtle hints of smoke, fruit & oak, with buttery-smooth vanilla & caramel undertones.

Strawberry Maple Craft Syrup (Organic) - The taste of summer is back and better than ever, with even more strawberries in each bottle!  We combine just the right amount of organic fruit into premium organic Vermont maple syrup to create this anti-oxidant-rich super syrup! Awesome over your breakfast favorites and makes a delicious and healthier ice cream topping! Use it to make strawberry muffins, or combine it with balsamic vinegar to make a wonderful salad dressing.

Peach Bourbon Maple Craft Syrup - Like all Maple Craft Syrups, this one also starts with premium, organic Grade A Dark/Robust maple syrup that is boiled traditionally over an open flame on a family farm in Vermont. We’ve added organic peach juice and the legal limit of award-winning bourbon from our friends at the Litchfield Distillery, and the result is amazingly unique maple syrup with an oaky, smokey, caramelly bourbon-forward flavor and a subtle juicy, peachy-sweet finish.   

Hot Honey Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Craft Syrup - People asked us for spicy maple syrup for a long time. We’ve tried other spicy maple syrups that were pretty good, but we knew we could do better. After lots of testing (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!), the light bulb went off, and this new savory nectar was born! We infuse slightly more than a hint of organic cayenne chilis into our Honey-infused Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Craft Syrup to achieve the perfect balance and warmth. Heat freak or not, you are going to love this Sweet Heat on chicken wings and other proteins, root veggies, homeopathic tonics, and other beverages, chicken & waffles, and more!

Apple Cinnamon Maple Craft Syrup (Organic) - This organic flavored craft maple syrup combines New England's best Fall and Spring crops into a delectable, sweet condiment, glaze, ice cream topping, yogurt, oatmeal of tea sweetener, etc. Use in place of any processed sugar to sweeten and brighten your favorite comfort foods, whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner! Tastes like apple pie in a bottle! 

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