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Long Acre Elderberry Syrup 12 OZ

Long Acre Elderberry Syrup 12 OZ

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A traditional elderberry syrup made with berries grown on our farm. This syrup is sweetened only with raw American honey and contains the juice and pulp of about 1/4 lb. of berries.

Made in Grotoes, Virginia

Since we use our whole berries, we can control everything about what goes into our syrup. We grow specific varieties for maximum antioxidant and anthocyanin content, and use no pesticides or herbicides of any kind. Our berries are also non-GMO, because there is no such thing as genetically modified elderberries.

The syrup also has ginger and a touch of cinnamon. We brew and bottle our syrup by hand, in small batches. We add a tiny amount of malic acid (a flavorless acid made from apples) to keep the syrup at the ideal pH.

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