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Marcella Kriebel’s - Charcuterie Trays

Marcella Kriebel’s - Charcuterie Trays

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Marcella Kriebel’s illustrations bring a splash of color and a smile to our lightweight matte-laminated, premium birch wood veneer serving trays. Marcella Kriebel has always been an artist and foodie, with barefoot gardening and bright paints reflected in her earliest memories. A love of art and culture through cuisine led her to receive degrees in Studio Art and Cultural Anthropology, a combination that springboarded her into traveling, journaling, and cooking in numerous Latin American countries. 

In April 2021, Trays4Us and Marcelle Kriber launched an exclusive wholesale collection of trays featuring her colorful food and wine artwork: wine, Lobsters, Spring Flowers, and Charcuterie.

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