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3D Dragon Eye Embossed Journal

3D Dragon Eye Embossed Journal

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3D Dragon Eye Embossed Journal, Resin Engraving Notebook, Dnd notebook for Dragon Lovers, Blank Paper, Hardcover Travel Notepad for Writing, Sketchbook, Collection, Gift, 

Record Your Adventure Stories and Game Notes—This handmade notebook stands out with its unique design and high-quality materials. It uses high-quality resin and paper to ensure a durable and high-quality experience. It is solid and lightweight, making it convenient for you to record your adventure stories and game notes anytime.

Mysterious Longan DesignThe mysterious dragon eye inspires the design of this notebook. The texture of the dragon eye is vividly presented on the notebook cover through concave and convex resin technology. This 3D design will make it a unique focal point in your campaign parties and gaming scenes.

Perfect Gift for Role-Playing Enthusiasts - RPG Campaign Notebook | Dragon Eye embossed resin notebook is not only suitable for players of DND (Dungeons and Dragons) games but can also be used as an exquisite gift for your friends, family, or other role-playing game enthusiasts. 

These are refillable

Special Features: Hard Cover (resin)
Measurement: 7.5*5.5*1.8 INCH
Applicable Age Group: 14+
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