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TBJ Gourmet Himalayan Ghost Salt

TBJ Gourmet Himalayan Ghost Salt

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Pink Himalayan salt infused with ghost pepper

A pinch for perfection! Pink Himalayan salt infused with Ghost Pepper adds the perfect amount of heat to your grilled veggies and roasted meats. Our unique salt blends are the perfect way to elevate your dishes and give you the final say in your culinary creations

Steak Seasoning & Meat Rub - Ghost Pepper Infused Himalayan Pink Salt - Hot, Spicy & Savory BBQ Seasoning - Vegan, Gluten Free - 4.9 Ounces.

Works amazingly well as a pork rub spice mix, rib seasoning, steak rub & bbq rub; Use it on grilled/roasted meats, fish & veggies; Sprinkle on eggs, gravy, salads & bacon; Pairs deliciously well with charcuterie board recipes.

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