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Heritage Virginia Mills Grits

Heritage Virginia Mills Grits

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We are a family-run business in the small farming town of Nickelsville, Virginia. Our goal is to bring back the essence of what the gristmills stood for A locally-based service providing wholesome, natural food for the surrounding community, both near and far.

Enjoy the rich flavor of our fresh ground grain at Heritage Virginia Mills. Our use of traditional stone-burr mills ensures low-heat production that retains the highest nutritional value in the end products. All of our products are made from grains that are free of chemicals and pesticides.

These rich, creamy grits make a delicious breakfast staple.

To meet the desire of many of our customers, our grits are coarsely ground. As a result, you may need to cook them longer than usual to achieve the creamy consistency.

For a simple breakfast experience, we provide a recipe with each pack.

Choose between Blue, White, or Yellow Grits.

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