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Heritage Virginia Mills Gluten Free Mixes

Heritage Virginia Mills Gluten Free Mixes

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A gluten-free bread mix - full of rich, nutritious flavor

It is very yummy, served with butter and your choice of jam.

For an easy baking experience, we provide a recipe with every mix.

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Pecan Muffin - A yummy gluten-free muffin made with sweet potato flakes & pecans.

The mixes are made in small batches to ensure consistency.

For an easy baking experience, we provide recipes with each gluten-free muffin mix.

Enjoy the rich flavor of our fresh ground grain at Heritage Virginia Mills. Our use of traditional stone-burr mills ensures low-heat production that retains the highest nutritional value in the end products. All of our products are made from grains that are free of chemicals and pesticides.

We are a family-run business in the small farming town of Nickelsville, Virginia. Our goal is to bring back the essence of what the gristmills stood for: A locally-based service providing wholesome, natural food for the surrounding community, both near and far.

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