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Grace James Necklaces

Hand Wired Natural Crystal Necklaces

Hand Wired Natural Crystal Necklaces

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All these are handmade by a 19-year-old college student. 

Opal wrapped in silver. Healing with Opal (Pendant Approx 2 Inches long)
Opal encourages both freedom and independence. It enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. It stimulates originality and creativity. It helps to release anger and claim self-worth, aiding in accessing and expressing one's true self.

Aventurine wrapped in gold plated. Aventurine is said to promote emotional healing, love, compassion, and well-beingIt is also thought to diffuse negative emotions, encourage perseverance, and promote open-mindedness. (Pendant Approx 2 Inches long)

Black Tourmaline wrapped in gold-plated. Black tourmaline is a gemstone said to have many healing properties. It relieves chronic fatigue, energizes, and is said to connect the wearer to the Earth's stabilizing force. (The Pendant is approximately 2 Inches long.)

Rose Quartz wrapped in silver. Rose quartz is a pink crystal often used for healing, meditation, and decoration. It is also known as the "love stone" and is said to emit strong vibrations of love, joy, and emotional healing. (Pendant Approx 1.7 Inches long).

Strawberry Quartz wrapped in gold plated. (The Pendant is approximately 2 Inches long.)
Strawberry quartz is a pink or red crystal that is said to have many metaphysical properties, including:
  • Protection: Shielding the bearer from negative energies and fostering a positive environment
  • Emotional harmony: Creating a protective barrier around the heart, helping to maintain emotional harmony and resilience
  • Heart chakra: Healing issues related to the heart chakra
  • Positive thinking: Increasing optimism and positive thinking
  • Depression: Helping to lift depression
  • Stress and anxiety: Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Love: Promoting feelings of love, compassion, and inner peace
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