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Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee

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Fit Fuel Blend - Pre-workout? Do you mean our Fit Fuel Blend? Let this medium roast fuel your next PR with a delicious combination of bold maple syrup and citrus flavors, and a smooth malt finish. Unlike a motivational gym quote, this high-caffeine medium roast will actually kick-start your workout!

AK-47 Espresso Roast - This indestructible blend of light Colombian and dark Brazilian coffees is here to conquer your taste buds. From the rich nutty aroma to the complex citrus and dark chocolate flavors, this full-bodied blend will surely deliver whether you're making medium roast drip coffee or espresso.

Just Black Roast - The coffee that started it all. There's dark, light, and there's just right. Our flagship coffee strikes the perfect balance between the bold and the smooth. Our best medium roast was developed to be the best drip coffee you'll ever taste! Just Black features an aroma that is a mixture of cocoa and vanilla, bold tasting notes, and brings it all home with a smooth buttery finish.

Freedom Roast - If our Founding Fathers were to make their own coffee, it would taste like Freedom Roast. Every cup of this medium roast coffee offers sweet-tasting notes of milk chocolate and vanilla, a buttery finish, and liberation! It's America's Coffee.

Five Alarm Roast - Five Alarm is one of our premium medium roast coffees that serves the distinct cause of supporting the courageous firefighters working day and night to protect our communities. Five Alarm coffee rounds offer smoky aromas with notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and cherry. Your support for this coffee means firefighters across the nation will no longer have to strip for calendar shoots to make ends meet.

CAF Coffee Roast - This is what happens when you turn a bunch of mad scientists loose in the coffee lab. The only roast worthy of its name, CAF is our most highly caffeinated medium roast coffee designed for the folks who need to pull out all the stops. Caffeinate responsibly. 

Blackbeard's Delight Coffee Roast - After many treacherous voyages across uncharted waters, Blackbeard has returned to the mainland with these dark roast coffee pods—Castaway with Blackbeard smoky aromas, nutty and chocolate-tasting notes, and a fruity finish.

Gunship Roast - Like its namesake, Gunship has always soared in its role as a light roast that complements our heavy hitters with floral aromas, light caramel-tasting notes, and an ultra-smooth finish. Beyond the coffee itself, the roast has become an icon that celebrates our military heritage at BRCC.

Beyond Black Roast - is a dark roast coffee from Black Rifle Coffee Company.It has a smoky finish, notes of caramel and dark chocolate, and a spicy aroma.

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