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Belmont Backyard Party Mix 8 OZ

Belmont Backyard Party Mix 8 OZ

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Our newest addition to the Farms Collection features Wasabi Peas, Butter Toffee Candied Peanuts, Cashews, Corn Sticks, Rice Sticks, Pecans, and Pretzels.

The perfect mix of Butter Toffee candied Virginia peanuts, wasabi peas, cashews, corn sticks, rice sticks, pecans, and pretzels.

Each peanut is packed with protein and no preservatives to make this a sweet, savory, and healthy snack to give you the energy you need.

The 18oz deluxe resealable canister keeps the peanuts fresh when buying in bulk packs.

All natural, hand-cooked nuts, canned, and grown in the USA
Family operated in Virginia for 3 generations


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