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Wiggle & Ding

3D Dragons Without Eggs

3D Dragons Without Eggs

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Wiggle & Ding Toy Box - Note some are Large - Some are Mini - Some are Medium - Some are Keychains - Some with Eggs - Some without Eggs - Welcome to Peyton's ADHD brain. 

Unleash the magic of Wiggle & Ding Toy Box. Peyton is a 16yo who has a love for creativity, this allows him to be creative and calm his ADHD brain at the same time. 

Unleash the magic of Dragon Toy with a magical surprise dragon that emerges from the 3D printer.

Meticulously crafted using an authentic eye-painting technique, the lifelike eyes of our 3D-printed dragon add a captivating and realistic touch to this masterpiece.

Our dragon with dragon inside fidget fully articulated 3D printed dragon offers a wide range of motion, allowing you to create dynamic and lifelike poses that capture the essence of this magnificent creature.

Experience the cool and striking design of our unique dragon fidget toy, which also serves as a fun stress reliever.

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