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13-Inch Danish Dough Whisk

13-Inch Danish Dough Whisk

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Our stainless steel Danish dough whisk has a long wooden handle and a double eyes design for two times faster mixing; The flow-through design of this large Danish dough whisk allows dough to pass through three loops in succession, quickly mixing the ingredients.

Danish dough whisks are a flat, circular-ish metal coil of concentric rings, made from stiff wire attached to a long handle. They are also known as a "brodpisker" in Danish, which means "bread whipper". They are used to bring everything together in the mixing stages until it's fully mixed and saturated, so that the dough is less sticky and more pliable for the kneading stage.

The large one provides good leverage if you're mixing bigger quantities, and it is comfortable to use even with fairly petite hands.

Materials: Steel, wood oak

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